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Game 100% made in 120 hours for #UE4JAM Winter 2019.

Features original soundtrack, voice acting, animation, scenery, models, HUD, particles and gameplay made all within the game jam's time limit.


[WASD] - Move

[Spacebar] - Jump

[T] - Toggle

[LMB] - Light Attack (WAR) or Stun Spell (LOVE)

[RMB] - Strong Attack (WAR)

[Middle Mouse Button] or [LCTRL] - Lock On

[TAB] - Change Locked Target

[Enter] - Pause


  • -  Ian Doles
  • -  Camila Fiorentini
  • - André Figorelli
  • - Paulo (Lorde) Henrique
  • - Wellington (Topperson) Peterson


This game does not support gamepads or control config for now :(

There is a HOTFIX available that fixes the critical glitch that doesn't allow the player to proceed past the pillar spawner area. If possible, please download this version instead.


BalanceWithin.zip 204 MB
BalanceWithinHOTFIX.zip 204 MB

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